What Will You Find at Our Flower Shop?

We have an extensive selection of flowers in New Bedford, MA

If you want to update your landscape with new flowers, our local, family-owned flower shop is the place to be. Lawrence Family Greenhouses in New Bedford, MA can help you plant the perfect flower bed. We have a great selection of annual and perennial flowers in addition to outdoor succulents.

Reach out to us today if you're interested in our flowers.

Our wide selection of flowers

Whether you're planting a garden or a small pot, you can find the perfect plants at our shop. We carry:

Succulents - echeveria, sempervivum, sedum, crassula and aeonium
Perennial flowers - begonias, lavender, coneflowers, English lavender, lamb's ears and hostas
Annual flowers - petunias, calibrachoas, geraniums, marigolds, verbenas, impatiens, chrysanthemums, cosmos and marigolds

Our outdoor succulents thrive in sunny locations with dry, warm climates and can tolerate some neglect, so even the worst gardener can develop a green thumb. Visit our flower shop today if you're looking for annual flowers or succulents.